Andre Vanier Motorola Keypad Microphone - RMN5127 vs RMN5065 vs HMN4079

Motorola Keypad Microphone

Motorola RMN5127A
MotoTRBO IMPRES - 4-Way Navigation Keypad Microphone with Enhanced Audio

Motorola RMN5065
MotoTRBO IMPRES Keypad Microphone

Motorola HMN4079F
Motorola APX or XTL
Motorola Keypad Microphone

XPR5550 RSSI Mode

From the home screen press the Up button 3x and then press the Down button 3x. You should now see the RSSI information. To exit the RSSI view just hit the home button.

Motorola MotoTRBO OEM Handheld Control Head (HCH) PMLN7131
Motorola MotoTRBO HHCH Handheld Control Head Kit

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