Andre Vanier Toronto VE3WZW A DMR Presentation 2017

My name is Andre VA3YYZ from Toronto Canada, In 2017 I was tasked to offer a presentation to a local Amateur Radio club about digital modes and the relation Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) aka MotoTrbo as it compares to other modes.   An overview of DMR and how it is being adopted by hams all over the world, including a live demonstration of world wide communications using DMR.

The presentation discussed the popularity of digital and the choices to select from ; ICOM-DStar, DMR(many), Yaesu Fusion C4FM, Kenwood/Icom NXDN NexEdge, and APCO P25. It was important to note that the various Digital modes are not compatible with other digitals. We showed why the different digital company do not communicate together.

The lasting comments to the subject we had as a group was the decision we may have to make when considering v/uhf digital is the availability of repeater(s) for that digital.   The link shows a 2016 list of repeaters::  Or
VE3WZW DMR Presentation

The DMR links 2016 to view Last-Heard usage activity
Canadian CanTrbo :

The affordability of the digital LMR (Land Mobile Radio) and a large selection of models from many manufacturers to choose as of 2017, or select based on choices and features.
VE3WZW DMR Presentation

It is the belief that some of the most popular DMR is the clones of the Hytera like or similar: Tytera MD-380 / Tytera MD-390-GPS, Zastone D900, Retevis RT3 Retevis RT8-GPS
VE3WZW DMR Presentation

The $$$ cost of the digital LMR (Land Mobile Radio) from $80.00 CDN - $900.00 CDN

VE3WZW DMR Presentation

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) aka MotoTrbo and many (20+) handheld or mobile models.
  • DMR-MARC - Digital Mobile Radio-Motorola Amateur Radio Club is a network with only Motorola repeaters linked
  • Brandmeister - started as European network now a growing network of multi model repeaters (Motorola, Hytera, etc) and hotspots
  • DMR+ has almost no following in the US. The primary users of that network now are almost all in Europe.

Some of the notable recent DMR models coming as of March 2017 are the following : Connect System CS580(Frequency scan), Tytera MD2017 duel-band Handheld DMR, Tytera mobile MD9600, DV4home/DV4Mobile (all modes into one radio DStar/Fusion/DMR)

The growth for that digital or adoption rate, possibly considering why the increase by many consumers around the globe that may have adopted.

VE3WZW DMR Presentation

2017 March
25,278 - DMR Contacts USA
1,745 - DMR Contacts CANADA
57,017 - Total WorldWide ID

To filter down in the subject of DMR and the system configuration file known as a codeplug. Considering when making a buying decisions a popular radio model as to have many friends or users to share that codeplug, why important so you may not have to spend many hours creating a new configuration file that might be freely and publicly shared. Each transceiver stores 1000 list ie.telephone-book know as a Contact-List with DMR user call signs that need to be updated often as new DMR users register.

The DMR official page that shows the map of repeaters, the website to request a new User identification for DMR as a 7 digit number known as CCS7.

DMR-MARC Worldwide Net
Canadian DMR Net - Amateur HAM Radio Net

A Toronto HAM Don VA3XFT transceiver review website and repeater (Toronto DMR) owner and trustee. Included are numerous shared codeplug available for free download.

Other devices that may require more attention or research are the "hotspots" A low power box connected RF to transceiver linked into the internet that give access into many modes Dstar,Fusion,DMR ; DV4mini, DVMEGA, SharkRF-OpenSPOT, MMDVM, BlueDV with DVMEGA and BlueStack.

VE3WZW DMR Presentation

NA - live demonstration of world wide communications using DMR (underground NA).

Resources include : Google and Youtube
Thanks VA3XPR

Andre VE3SP
VE3WZW DMR Presentation

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