How to Update MotoTrbo Contact List

How to Update MotoTrbo Contact List
How to update your contact list (Motorola)

What is Contacts List
It seems there is a little bit of confusion surrounding callsigns not being displayed in the radio’s screen.. here’s a quick ‘how to’ that may help. As for callsigns on the various monitoring websites, don’t worry too much about that for now, because DMR-MARC is doing some big changes to the network, so please be patient.

First thing you should know is that your radio is doing the job of translating the DMR-ID of the person currently transmitting to you, into a callsign and name for your rig’s display. The information to do this is completely held in a database in the radio, and it’s a very simple job to update it.

As more users are coming onto DMR-MARC you may want to update the contact list regularly. The radio can store a maximum of 1000 contacts, so when there are more than 1000 DMR-MARC IDs in the Canada or your region – you will have to delete some,  at the time of writing this article there are about 900 in Canada.

Important to note with the DMR BrandMeister it may also use the space for private calls, or talkgroups.

Some of your radio’s 1000 contact list capacity are taken up by Talkgroup configurations, but for most of us, that’s less than about 10, so at present we can fit all Canada contacts, and all needed Talkgroups into the radio ok.

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seems to have a lot of information about updating a MotoTrbo codeplug

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DMR Database Dump Tool

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    Can someone tell me where or how to download the latest version of MotoContacts windows software. I went to the DMR-MARC "program your radio" webpage and clicked on the link in step 3, but I go to some site called "GoDaddy". I do not see where to register and download the "MotoContacts windows software'.

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